political system

Proclaimed political system in Spain on 11 February 1873, a day after the abdication of D. Amadeo of Savoy, in his name and that of his heirs , which lasted until the uprising led by the Earl of Balmaseda and General Martinez Campos, 29 December 1874 , which pioneered the period known in the history of contemporary Spain as Restoration. The First Republic , however , is contextualized within Sexenio known as the revolutionary period which began in 1868 .

historical Context
The Elizabethan Era , from his majority , ends Espartero the Regency (1840-1843) , and opens the moderate Decade (1844-1854) governed by the Constitution of 1845. Immediately afterwards, from 1854 to 1856, was attended what was called progressive biennium that ended in the years of the Liberal Union ( 1856-1868 ) under the government of General O’Donnell , who remained in power for 30 June 1858 until March 2, 1863 . During these years, the emergence and persistence of economic and social problems hampered government efforts and , in time, led to heavy wear on the progressive party that ended up making it impossible to continue in power.
See section The reign of Isabel II in the article History of Spain ( 1808-1874 ) .

The liberal Sexenio
The classic in nineteenth-century history of Spain , from September 17, 1868 military coup, was led by Admiral Topete , Cadiz against the Elizabethan monarchy, but was led from the start by General Serrano , head of the party Unionist , and General Prim, at the head of the progressives who had agreed with the Democrats. The military uprisings took place in the following days in Seville, Cordoba , Huelva, Malaga, Almeria , Cartagena , Alicante , Valencia , Barcelona and Madrid, among other cities, calling elections for the constitution of a Revolutionary Government . The situation , already disconcerting , was transformed into real chaos to be two powers on the one hand , the provisional government of moderate nature and, secondly , that of the revolutionary Together duality ended October 21 , when the government ordered the dissolution of the Boards .

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